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Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organisation -Bihar

State Level Virtual Programs

During this Pandemic period, the following three wings of the Organisation are very much active and are conducting various virtual program not only for the needy, but also for the spiritual development of the devotees.

  • Service Wing
  • Spiritual Wing
  • Education Wing

Service Wing

The service wing which also includes Medical Wing is helping the needy through various ways across the state. A six members state level Covid-19 committee has been constituted under the State Medical Coordinator who is the convenor of the committee. This committee has been monitoring the Tele-medicine service and also the covid-19 Helpline Team which is functioning all over the state under the respective District Medical Coordinator. The Central Trust of the Organisation has also supported this service by sending ten Oxygen Concentrators to the state Organisation. The message of S.M.S (Social Distancing, Mask and Sanitiser) has been shared all over the state and a Banner of the said S.M.S has been installed at various public places throughout the state.

 Spiritual Wing-

The spiritual wing of the organisation has been spreading the message of Bhagwan virtually during this pandemic by organising the state level collective prayers weekly. The devotees across the state participate in this prayer session.

  1. Collective Sadhna-

Chanting of Vedas, Gayatri Mantra, Samasta Loka etc.

  •  Parayan Path by Mahila Wing-

The Mahila wing of the state virtually organises Parayan Path weekly. The lady devotees/office bearers collectively join this online reading program of Satya Sai Vahinis and other spiritual books etc.

Education Wing-

The Education wing celebrated Eshwaramba Day by organising a week-long online Bal-Vikas program. The Bal-Vikas children, Gurus, Alumni, Parents of the children participated in this six-day program. The program included Online quizzes, storytelling, Painting competitions, Bhajan Singing, etc.

During this pandemic period, one of the zones of the State Organisation namely Vikramshila zone has resumed weekly online Balvikas classes. Other zones have been asked to follow suit.

Jai Sairam

Covid Awareness Program- on 11th April 2021-Online 


-Team, Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organisation, Bihar

Medical Screening Camp-10 & 11 Mar 2021

By the grace of Bhagawan Sri Satya Sai Baba, two days screening camp was organized by the Prashanti Medical  Services & Research Foundation, Ahmedabad, at two govt. Hospitals of Patna town for the purpose of screening the free medical Seva & surgery to the children who had been suffering from the cardiac ailment.  The said camp was held on 10th & 11th March 2021.

The complete Report in PDF Medical Services Report_Mar 2021

कम्बल एवं उनी वस्त्र वितरण सेवा 2020-21

बिहार में पड. रही भीषण शीत लहर को देखते हुए बिहार संगठन ने हर साल की भांति इस वर्ष में भी नारायणो के बीच कम्बल एवं अन्य ऊनी वस्त्रो का वितरण किया जा रहा है । नारायणो के बीच अलाव सेवा का कभी प्रबंध किया गया है । भगवान श्री सत्य साईं बाबा के कृपा से बिहार प्रान्त के कुल 38 जिलो में से संगठन के करीब -करीब सभी 28 जिलो में यह कार्यक्रम सबंधित ज़िला अध्यक्ष के संचालन में किया जा रहा है। अभी तक इस सत्र में कुल 4,300 कम्बल एवं 150 अन्य ऊनी वस्त्र का वितरण किया जा चुका है । संगठन के कुल 6 जोनल समन्वयक (कोडिनेटर) द्वारा राज्य-कार्यालय, पटना को इस सन्दर्भ में लगातार जानकारी प्राप्त होती रही है । इस वर्ष के भीषण ठंड में विभिन्न समितियों एवं जिला स्तर द्वारा अनेक जगहो पर सेवादल द्वारा सार्वजानिक स्थानों पर अलाव की भी व्यवस्था की गई है। साथ ही मकर संक्रांति के अवसर पर 14 जनवरी को कई समितियों द्वरा नारायणो के बीच अन्न (चुरा और गुड) दान भी किया गया है।.


Activities during 95th Birthday of Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba-Nov 2020

“Love is the solvent for the hardest of all hearts. without love, free, full & selfless, no spiritual, discipline can succeed. Without it Bhajan is a waste of Breath, good company a waste of time, Meditation a self-deception. Bhajan, good company and meditation are done with a mind soaked in loved can confer peace, Joy & Happiness. Only through love one can realize unity and can get rid of the Ego that harms” –                                                                   –Sri Satya Sai Baba

The devotees of Bihar have experienced the invisible care and love of mother Sri Satya Sai Baba in these tumultuous periods of pandemic and have come to realize that they all are safe and protected by His Grace…………….



Read the full report in PDF 95th Birthday Celebrations-Bihar

Activities during March-May 2020

With the immense grace of Bhagawan Sri Satya Sai Baba followings unique /Special Seva & activities were conducted by Bihar organisation during the lock-down period commencing from 25th March up to 27th May 2020. 

  • Amrit Kalash Distribution
  • Food and Mask Distribution
  • Online conferences
  • Painting competition amongst Balvikas children 

Read Full Report: March-May 2020-Activities-Bihar

-Report received from Sri Atul Nath Jha, State IT Coordinator -28 April 2020

20 May 2020  —  Bihar State Unique / Special Seva Activities:

  • Kumarsar Seva

  • Pitri-Paksha Seva ,Gaya

  • Flood Relief Seva

  • Swachta se Divyata Tak-in Prashanthi Nilayam

Kumarsar Seva

The State of Bihar has been organising a seva camp at Kumarsar ( a place on the way of holy Kanwaria  Yatra) for Kanwariyas during the entire holy month of shrawan . Kanwariyas  performing this journey of 104 km barefooted on  pligrimage to Baidyanath dham  (Deoghar).

This one month Kumarsar Seva is jointly conducted every year by both Bihar & Jharkhand  Sevadal since 1981. About more than 800 Sevadal both ladies and gents serve the Kanwarias by giving massage, hot water & our medical team assist them and provide them medicine if necessary.

Permanent seva kendra at Kumarsar

Pitri-Paksha Seva ,Gaya

In Bihar at holy city of Gaya, a seva camp is being organized by Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organisation-Bihar during the world famous Pitri Paksha mela, where the devotees from across the world come to perform Pind-Dan & Shradha karma.

This seva camp runs throughout 15 days period of Pitri Paksha serving the pilgrims 24×7 by more than 40 sevadals. Service includes all types of information and assistance to the needy in arranging pundits & Dharmshalas etc.

Flood Relief Seva:

Due to the devastating floods in several parts of Bihar in the year 2019 and also every year, Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organisation-Bihar performed various flood relief seva by distributing clothes,cereals, medicines ,and other essentials items to the affected Narayans .Community kitchens were also opened to conduct mass Narayan seva.

Swachta se Divyata Tak-in Prashanthi Nilayam

As advised Sri Sayhya Sai Seva organisation Bihar has been organising Swachta Abhiyan throughout the year . On 2nd Oct. Bihar org. conducts Swachta Abhiyan every year during parthi Seva period in Prashanti Nilayam.

Prior to Holy Festival of Chhath in Bihar, sevadals in the different districts and villages undertake the cleaniness drive to clean the Ghats of rivers and ponds for the Chhath Puja.

-Report received from Sri Atul Nath Jha, State IT Coordinator -20 April 2020

Bihar State Annual Sadhana Camp:

Bihar state annual sadhna camp was organised on 14 th & 15 th December at Lakhisarai ,all the DPs and other district office bearers along with State Sffice bearers participated in the camp .

28 Dec 2019
Also Fire  seva is being performed by SSSSO Bihar due to cold wave condition. Sasaram Samithi ,Rohtas Dist on a regular basis started on 25 th December and will continue till the cold wave condition comes to normal .
Blanket distribution by sssso Madhubani district ,Bihar in hospital to the patients as cold wave is severe on 28/12/2019 . Total 95 blanket distributed
Jai Sairam