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Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organisation – Gujarat


The SSSSO, Gujarat celebrated the day when Swami visited Waghaldhara High School, Valsad, Gujarat on 31st March 1967. The celebration took place on 1st April 2018. The Chief Guest was Hon. Shri Dalichandbhai Shah, Trustee, Waghaldhara High School.


The divine celebration was initiated with three omkaras and hoisting of ‘The Prashanti Flag’, by Shri Manohar Trikannad,SP, SSSSO,Gujarat followed by lighting of the lamp at ‘Sri Sathya Sai Tirth’ by dignitaries. Dis. President Shri Hemanshu Desai welcomed the gathering and the dignitaries were felicitated. Following Swami’s dictum, “Service to man is service to God “, 46 pairs of shirt & pant were distributed to all the Students studying at the High School. Two tricycles were also donated to the needy.


SP. Shri Manohar Trikannad in his speech welcomed all the students of the High School to visit PrashanathiNilayam.


Programme Coordinator Shri. HarshadbhaiNaik narrated the incident when Swami had visited way back in 1967. This was followed by a very inspiring and motivational speech by Shri.ManoharbhaiTrikannad (The SP, SSSSO,Gujarat). He always propels everyone with enthusiasm for doing more and more service activities.


The Chief Guest, Hon.ShriDalichand Shah shared his own experiences and thanked Bhagawan who had planted the seeds in 1967 which has now flourished into a modern I.T.I. college and hostel. After this, the bhajans were sung by devotees. The celebration concluded with mangalaarthi and shanti mantra, followed by mahaprasad to more than 260 students.


Shri Kirtibhai Desai, who is one of the witnesses of Bhagwan’s visit, and who had captured Swami’s presence on this holy day in his camera 51 years back was present on the occasion. This very photo has been kept in the Tirth.


On this auspicious occasion more than 150 people were present.


We thank Bhagwan, for the grand success of the divine day.


Jai Sairam.

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