Place: Talwada Village in Maharashtra State 

Story of my Village -Talwada

Talwada Village is located 92 km from Thane at the foothills of Sahyadri range consisting of tribal settlement of approx 250 families. The village lacked basic facilities like water, toilets, medical dispensary, and water for irrigation etc. Most of the people here are farmers who are highly dependent on rains for cultivation. The nearest public health centre is 7km towards Dolkamb

  • Our houses are kutcha houses
  • Our nearest source of water was dry most of the time in the year
  • Our ZP school in dilapidated condition
  • Sri Sathya Sai Trust adopted us in year 2008
  • They loved and cared for us
  • They conducted medical camps
  • Poor and the weak were taken care
  • They gave us sight and medication

They Recognized our problems

  • Lack of water of the village.
  • Lack of good education at village due to poor school infrastructure.
  • If the above two were taken care, then the village was to fight poverty.
  • Water for drinking & agriculture and education for all to empower and encourage them. This would ensure long term sustainability of the village.

They Worked with us and have shown the Right path

  • They worked with us, educated us and convinced us to join the right path.
  • They identified the spring at the old bund and decided to repair the bund to hold water through the year.
  • With the help of a corporate they in-stalled solar pump-set and laid pipeline from bund to village (2 km). Our people too participated in the service.
  • They repaired our school and made it the best in region and They all blessed us too with their visit and warmth.
  • They skilled our youth to advance in life at Don Bosco.
  • Now they are building a new school for the entire Panchayat

And our story continues …..

Be Good: Do Good: See Good: 
This is the way to God

Program Coordinator: State President, Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organisation, Maharashtra & Goa, Sri Ramesh Sawant,


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