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Updated on 11th April 2018


Gujarat State President Shri Manohar bhai Trikannad inaugurated 2nd SSS RVTC of Gujarat State at Gandeva Village, Dist. Navsari, Gujarat on dt.  08-04-2018.

Andhra Pradesh

Tadipatri in Anantapur dist- Ongoing practical training in single phase motor rewinding in RVTC Tadipatri , APTS

Tamil Nadu:

Skill Training for Arambakkam ,Kanchipuram South, Tamil Nadu SSSVIP village women was conducted for two days on 30th and 31st March. 25 women were benefited. They were taught to make paper bags and ornamental jewellery .Trainers:.. Ms.Kalpana Heblekar & Associate.


Sairam .VTC – Calicut dist West Hill Samithy Tailoring classes For Mahilas.

RVTC New Course: An excellent initiative to train Rural Youth for recruitment in the Indian army at Palakkad in Kerala state-Chittur Samithi -Karinjalipallam SSSVIP village .Pre – Army recruitment training  Program  started with 35 Village Youth members and  3  Army Retd. Persons are the trainers. Course Duration : 90 days

Updated on 12th March 2018:


On 4 March 2018, with the immense blessings of Bhagawan Baba a Valedictory programme was organised for the first batch of SSS RVTC, Baredi ka Pura, Hindon City, Dist Kareoli, Rajasthan. A first batch of 6 trainees successfully completed the 4 months training in electrical trade. In this programme free Tool kits were distributed to the trainees along with one laminated photograph of Bhagawan. On this occasion the members of the second batch were also felicitated. After the programme State DM team organised DM training for all the participants. On this occasion state Coordinator SSS RVTC Shri Randheer Singh, DP Kareoli Shri Sitaram Mishra, In charge  SSS RVTC Shri Narendra Sharma, State Service Coordinator Seva Shri Dhanraj Gupta, DP Dausa Shri Vibhuti Pandya and members of state Disaster Management Team members were present. Jai Sai Ram


March 2018: Sathupalli-Khammam: VOCATIONAL TRAINING as Health Care Assistant 45 days course.


1) Fourth batch of Tailoring classes under Sri Sathya Sai Vocational Training centre Thrissur Samithi commenced on 28th Wednesday. 20 women’s registered for attending the course.in Kerala …

2) Palakkkad, Karinjalipallam … RVTC..Tailoring machine distribution..5 machine were distributed .first Batch…Bhajan Centre RVTCof  chittur Samithy …Kerala … Palakkad dist.

Mission Objective:

  • To train unemployed youth from villages of VIP and surrounding areas in multi skills which are needed in the rural areas.
  • To help the trained youth to set up small service centers in their villages, enabling them to acquire economic independence
  • To avert migration of village youth to towns and cities.
  • To inculcate in youth ethics and values.

Why this focus on youth:

Of the 1300 million Indian Population, 40% are in the age group of 13-35 years, defined as youth in the National Youth Policy,(520 million)   and , in this age group, the unemployment rate is 13%( 67 million) and will grow to 15.5% ( 80 million) witin an year.This rising  youth unemployment  because of not only the direct economic costs, but also due to the social impact of joblessness is manifested by increased crime, mental health problems, violence, drug taking and social exclusion, which are indicators of a degenerating society.

To establish a harmonious society for peaceful coexistence,which is Swami’s Sankalpam, SSSSO  has undertaken well known activities like Vidya Seva, Vaidya Seva, Water projects, Balvikas etc. Of these,  Balvikas, Swami’s pet project, prepares the children who would certainly transform this society when they grow up (may be 15-20 years later). The SSSVIP programs , like Vaidya Seva , Annadanam, protein distribution, housing etc  serve the needs for the immediate present. The gap in between of these two i.e. of 15-25 yrs, when the current youth plays a very important part in the competitive society, has to be filled with opportunities for these disadvantaged youth. The SSS RVTC Program( Sri Sathya Sai Rural Vocational Training Center) , started in Yr 2014, exactly addresses this problem. Though some of these activities have been going on even prior to 2014, this has been systematized in 2014 and so far 9400 youth were trained with 26 Centers serving across India.

Salient features of SSS RVTC

  • The training is totally free of cost to the trainee
  • Provides Seva opportunity to members of SSSSO.
  • The duration of the training is 3 to 6 months
  • The skills are selected according to the need of the village.
  • In some centers, free boarding and lodging is provided for trainees.  Districts, which do not have RVTC, can send youth from villages to these centers for training.
  • Free tool kits and uniforms are provided to trainees
  • TVS MOTORS is very much involved with RVTC. Whenever requested, they provide  training to the students  in two wheeler repair and servicing at their service centers
  • Integral to training curriculum is Sarva dharma principles, ethics, values and yoga.
  • Project work: At the end of training, the trainees are sent to Prasanthi nilayam to work in Maintenance section. Normally it will coincide with Particular Sate’s Prasanthi Seva
  • The RVTC mission was declared as a National initiative in Apr 2014. Following this directive, a number of Centers ( 26 nos. as on date) were started across India and are functioning well. A brief summary of the performance of these centers is presented herein to understand the extent of the achievement of the well thought out objectives and sustainability perspective. This will enable us to take decisions in terms of broadening scope and coverage,  course correction if needed and strengthen the structure.

                                 SSS RVTC CENTERS AND SKILLS

As in January-2017

1.1 Vanasthalipuram 06.05.2014 AP &TS Motor pump repair
1.2 Tadipatri 20.11.2014 AP & TS Electrical & Motor winding
1.3 Ch Pothepalli 07.12.2014 AP & TS Electrical & Plumbing repairs
1.4 Sivam – Hyderabad 06.06.2013 AP & TS Mahila RVTC – Tailoring etc
2.1 Bhubaneswar 06.05.2014 Odisha Electrical ,Plumbing & Two  wheeler servicing
3.1 Chittur, Palakkad 20.06.2014 Kerala Electrical &Aluminium Fabrication.

Tailoring for rural women

3.2 Kasargode Kerala Tailoring and Stitching
3.3 Trissoor Kerala Tailoring and Stitching
4.1 Navsari 2014 Gujarat Electrical & Plumbing, Computer Tally

Tailoring for women

5.1 Don Bosco, Mumbai ……. 2014 Maharashtra Electrical, Welding & AC Servicing
5.2 SSSI of Agri&Bio Tech 2008 Maharashtra Agriculture
6.1 Hajipur, Vaishali 24.11.2014 Bihar Electrical & Plumbing
6.2 Kundadih Sai Center




Bihar Electrical & Two wheeler Servicing
7.1 Barackpore 14.09.2014 W.Bengal Electrical, Plumbing, Beatician& Tailoring
7.2 Kolabari,Siliguridt




W.Bengal Tailoring, Beautician & Hair cutting
7.3 Durgapur W.Bengal Tailoring
7.4 Kasba, Kolkotta W.Bengal Mobile Servicing  &Beautician
8.1 Kunjpura, Karnal dt. 14.01.2015 Haryana Electrical, Plumbing & Carpentry

Tailoring at  11 Centers

9.1 Jabalpur 27.09.2014 Madhya Pradesh Mobile servicing & Computer Hardware service
9.2 Chindwada 20.01.2015 Madhya Pradesh Electrical, Mobile servicing
9.3 Indore 12.07.2015 Madhya Pradesh Electrical & Cell phone servicing
10.1 Dharwar 09.10.2014 Karnataka Ethnic food, Fabric designing & Home Nursing for

rural women, Tailoring

11.1 Nanmangalam, Kanchipuram dt. 20.04.2014 Tamilnadu Electrical, Plumbing & Two wheeler Servicing
11.2 Tirunagiri,


17.04.2014 Tamilnadu Electrical, Plumbing & Fabrication
11.3 Chithode – Erode 04.12.2014 Tamilnadu Electrical, Plumbing & Fabrication
11.4 Tirukkurungudi 23.11.2005 Tamilnadu Electrical & Plumbing
12.0 Solan 2006 Himachal Pradesh 1)Stitching, 2)Art and craft, 3)Tailoring and 4)Packing
  1. Reporting system

All the Centers report the performance in a standardized format , which was sent to them, and they started coming in . All the relevant Indices of performance are included in the format.  So far reports from 16 centers were received in this format. These are consolidated into a single format for ease of reference and   mainly to learn and implement the good features of those centers   in other locales.

  1. The Inspiration, success and Needling problems

All the coordinators of these centers are devotees of Swami and naturally the inspiration to work, to teach, to influence and finally to succeed comes from Swami’s Sankalpa. The trainers too, though many of them are not devotees of Swami, are inspired to help in the mission by seeing the selfless service of those involved to help the society. In the process, they get acquainted with our organisation which reinforces their faith and consequently their efforts.

Like in any human Endeavor, though blessed by Bhagawan, there are a few needling problems to be overcome by our effort and His Will.

  1. Effectiveness of training and achieving of intended objective

Since the students come from poor educational background and equally poor cultural background, they are very special. So normal pedagogical training methodology is grossly inadequate. We need to adopt special methods which create the enthusiasm and urge  to learn. So the effectiveness of the whole program depends mainly on the teacher. The traits needed for the teacher are not intellectual or academic brilliance but that of patience and perseverance in abundance. The Ex-Con( Example followed by Concept, not the other way round)) Training methodology followed,leads to better comprehension and participation.  Use of video techniques is very essential and imperative along with live demonstration. So all the Centers need to be equipped with Video Projectors, CDs and other accouterments.  The encouraging aspect is the feedback from  parents  that their children show lot of interest to learn and practice.

The main objective of this mission is to make these youth employable or start their own small repair shops to earn their livelihood in the villages. This, indeed, can be a strong supporting pillar for the SSSVIP scheme, since it is inclusive in nature. We need to collect data on these alumni to have a realistic conclusion. All centers have to include this in their reports.

  1. Plans for expansion

Few more such centers are coming up in the states of Rajasthan, Himachal Pradesh,Uttar Pradesh.. In the states of Kerala, Gujarat and West Bengal, where some centers are already functioning, more such centers are likely to come up in the next few months. Tadipatri center in AP&T shall be developed for training in few more skills and envisaged to become model SSS RVTC.

In conclusion, all the Centers are functioning very well and the enthusiasm of the coordinators is commendable. The response from the needy youth and their parents is good. To establish 26 centers across India in a short span of two years is commendable, if not miraculous. We can see Swami’s Hand behind this and the intended objectives will definitely be achieved.

The following will help to understand the functioning of the SSSRVTCs and aid to brainstorm to improve the effectiveness and reach of the program. Pl do definitely send such suggestions to :

1) Sri K M Rao, National Coordinator, Rural Vocational Training Centres kmrao36@gmail.com

2) Sri. Jaganatha Prasad Rao, State President, Odisha pjprao19@gmail.com or  sp@sathyasaiodisha.org

For any info: admin@ssssoindia.org



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