The programme was well organized with necessary prior approvals from all concerned Govt Depts. Around 25 youth from Govt College in18th Cross, Malleswaram where we conduct HOPE programme ,enthusiastically joined the group making the total to 63 volunteers. In addition CV Raman Nagar and other Samithis nearby too joined hands. 10000 sq ft of area was cleaned and three tempo loads of garbage was collected. The areas where road side urination was done were sprayed with bleaching powder. Bal Vikas Children held Placards displaying the message about Swatchata se Diyata tak as also senior members of the samithis were holding similar message banners. Overall the participants enjoyed the activity, the public seem to have recognized the importance of cleanliness. Posters were displayed in prominent areas around these two highly traveled areas- the Railway station and Bus stand- of the City.

Date of Seva: 02/10/2017
Duration of Seva: 3 hrs

Participant Details:
Mahilas: 5
Gents: 10
Children: 6
Mahila Youth: 20
Gents Youth: 22

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