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Celebration of the Month of Giving & Forgiving


On the occasion of the Mahasamadhi day of our beloved Lord Sai, Devotees of Odisha joined across the State in a month long program of Seva and Sadhana from 24th March-27th April’2017 in true spirit of joy of giving and forgiving. Many service & spiritual activities have been planned & executed, involving one & all, across the State. Through these activities devotees expressed their gratitude for the unconditional love showered by Swami. The prime focus during this one month is on how to live by the words of Swami, remembering His love, His kindness and His blessings that touched each one His Children (Bangaru).

JAL SEVA(Drinking Water for Human beings and Animals

Right before the onset of summer our Organisation in almost all centres geared up for providing cool drinking water for the passers-by on the road side and thickly populated areas. They were formally inaugurated on 1st of April amidst chanting Omkaram, Vedas and singing of Bhajans and offering Aarati to our beloved Sai. This service will continue till the end of June. In this summer when the temperature soars above 45 degrees at times this cool water service solaces thirsty ones. Sisters  & Brothers of our Organisation with enthusiasm & zeal participated in large numbers providing drinking water during sweltering summer.

Our Sevadal went one step ahead to build water resources for the innocent animals seeking water to drink in this scorching heat. Also most of the devotees made provision of water for birds and animals in front of their houses.

AMRUTA BINDU – Seva of Liquid love

A unique project Amruta Bindu (nectars of liquid love) under the flagship project for blood donation ‘Prema Sanjivani’ was undertaken by the youth Sevadals of our state to cater to the need of blood during summer. Keeping in view the scarcity of blood during summer, our Organisation comes to the rescue of blood bank and help them providing blood through voluntary donation camps held across the length and breadth of Odisha to meet the acute shortage. This project started in mid-March and shall continue till June. Organisation like the previous year has targeted a collection of around 10,000 units of blood during this summer apart from regular camps throughout year.

ARADHANA MAHOTSAV – Let a thousand Buds Bloom

To commemorate the Maha Sannidhi day of our beloved Lord, the Balvikas students undertake this program in their houses. A month long Sadhana i.e. from 1st April 2017 to 30th April 2017 was conducted throughout the state where BV Gurus, students and parents as well as devotees have participated actively . Chanting of Gr-1 stotras, Bhaja Govindam, Gayatri Mantra, Sai Gayathri, Vedic Prayers, Bhajan, talk by the Bal Vikas child, talk by some senior, blessings by some devotees etc were conducted.

This one and half hour program runs throughout the month of April in all the BV centres of the state whereby each student gets an opportunity to celebrate with his/her friends and Gurus and get to know the relevance of Sai Avatar. This program also is a mass outreach program to unite the parents their children and the Gurus in one platform.

-Let a Thousand Buds Bloom

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